Day 3: Fifty Dollar Stemware and Coffee.

Finally a day at the freaking FOH. Actually, they decided that a better segue into actual training would come via the barista station, one of the many duties of the back server.

Again, not too interesting a night, the silverware kept coming in from the dishwashers, polished, and sorted into the stations in the dining room, with each batch perched oh-so-prettily on silver platters whilst walking amongst the royalty customers. The same had to be done with what I found out to be fifty dollar+ a pop stemware. Ouch. I’m glad they don’t charge for breakages, otherwise I’d probably end up with a paycheck of all of $00 and 00 cents.

Because I was the barista-in-training for the night, they had me practicing making coffee orders: everything from plain old coffee to cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and what have you. The entire staff was cracked out on espresso as I perfected my milk steaming technique.

Inventory was yet another task. Apparently the ‘tard that did inventory last decided to buy three 10 pound bags of decaf espresso, yet only 1 of the regular stuff was found. Extra bags of normal coffee were nowhere to be found, and none either for the french press roasts… Oy vey. I’m looking forward to working with this dude.



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