An Interlude

It’s 2:50 am. I finished up Day 3 of my Training (with-a-capital-T), my first day doing things applicable to the job for which I was hired. And I’ve some things to share, unrelated to Training.

Anyway, thougts:

I do believe I’ve stumbled across the equivalent of waiter heaven.

In looking at the plethora of waiter horror stories circulating this series of tubes, I realize that I have really, truly lucked out in stumbling across this job.

Perhaps it’s the pooled tips, shared across Captains, Front Servers, Kitchen Servers and Back Servers; Or  that, because we only clear at most two guest’s plates at a time,  every member from the lowly Back Server that I am, to M and A, the Service and General Manager, is willing to help clear 61’s 2-top and 52’s 8-top; Or even the ~$135 a head average meal prices at this dang place.  Perhaps it’s because of this that I’m not stuck in a realm of distrust, drama, shitty customers, and pain-in-the ass moments. Shit, I’m lucky.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve not yet been jaded as I’ve been here only 3 days…

But really, I don’t get “jaded” from any of the staff there. They are all passionate about what they do, the food presented, the wines served. Pre-service, a wine gets hilighted, tasted, analyzed, all of the front of house does it, it’s like being in school, but everybody loves it.

Shit. I’m damn lucky.


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